Top Travel-Worthy Places You Should Not Miss in Berlin

3 min readMar 2, 2023

Berlin, the 775-year-old capital of Germany, offers much more than just a trip. Currently one of the busiest cities in the world, Berlin extends an open invitation to thousands of visitors from around the globe. Visitors can come to Berlin to experience the most enduring and vibrant culture in human history. The split city teaches tourists a lot about its history. Several historical events that altered the course of world history took place in Berlin. Heroes of incomparable bravery, wars, revolutions, and much more were born in this city. Founded in the 13th century, Berlin has a rich history to share with its tourists through its famous architectural landmarks and locations. You can visit several famous locations by availing of the best Taxi Services in Berlin that vividly depicts human history.

Places to Visit on Your Tour to Berlin:

1) Academy of Arts-

King Frederick established the Prussian Academy of Arts in 1697. In 1902, the Prussian Treasury bought the Academy of Arts and renamed it. Today, the Academy of Arts is one of the best places to visit in Berlin, Germany, and is one of Germany’s most historically rich architectural structures. The Academy has managed to withstand changes and retain its ancient artifacts, showcasing a rich history of art and culture for hundreds of years.

2) Berlin Cathedral-

The Protestant Berlin Cathedral is one of the top attractions in Berlin and sits on Museum Island. The church is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was initially built in 1465 on the banks of the Spree River as a parish church. Construction lasted until 1903, and the cathedral reopened in 1993 after the GDR year. Empires have risen and fallen while the cathedral stood witness. The church was constructed using more than 90 sarcophagi and tombs that depict glorious historical and religious moments. The Dome’s organ, one of the biggest in all of Germany, boasts over 7000 pipes. If you’re in Berlin, Germany, be sure to visit the cathedral. It’s one of the most beautiful spots to see.

3) The Holocaust Memorial-

The Holocaust Memorial sends shivers down people’s spines with just its name. It stands in Berlin as a silent tribute to the thousands of Jews who died in the Nazi genocide during World War II, reminding us of humanity’s darkest period. Tourists often flock to this memorial, which covers a stretch of land with 2771 grey concrete blocks. The information office houses documents, recordings, and biographical information about the Holocaust, preserving its memory.

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